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​Hard to Believe.

This February 2022 marks 49 years of service working for and with environmental testing laboratories.  Yes, I started when everything was shinny and new, and the world was simple with only 8 pesticides and 2 herbicides to worry about.  Flame AA was still new although not long afterwards, graphite furnace was the rage.  Almost all testing was classical titrimetric, colorimetric, or gravimetric.  Computers were nowhere to be seen unless someone invested in a Radio Shack TRS80 (trash 80).

Now the world seems to be the opposite.  I feel analysts are not chemists, but slaves to the computer.  I would argue that unless a problem happens, most feed samples to the beast and upload files to LIMs.

One thing to note is that February 2023 marks my 50th anniversary.  And unfortunately, a point in which I will begin the slide into full retirement.

With that said, I first thank my past and current clients for the relationship we have had.  To those who would like to be my future client, I am taking on a few this year, but the work must be completed by the first of 2023.  I will spend the time from January 2023 to July 2023 finishing up all work and taking on no new projects – except speaking or training events.  On the 1st of July, the doors will be shut for good.

Thanks for the memories