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TNI Templates

William Ray Consulting has been converting basic analytical SOPs and Polices/Procedures into templates.  Each analytical SOP covers an approved method and contain the required subjects stated in TNI 2016 (rev 2.1) standards.  Analytical SOPs can cover both drinking water and wastewater in a combined SOP.  If combined they will cite the 22nd edition of Standard Methods…  Several templates already exist for the 20th and 21st editions (represent DW approved online versions).

Each template includes instructions on how you may “personalize” it to be a reflection of your actual practices.

Click on List of Templates to view or download the current list.

Pricing is as follows:

Template only - $20 each
Requests for other Templates - $40
William Ray Consulting helps you to create your version - $80

Make all requests via e-mail stating what template you wish and if you want any assistance from William Ray Consulting.

Payment can be made via PayPal.  William Ray Consulting will submit via e-mail your requested templates and a standard invoice.  That will be followed by a notice of payment via PayPal in a separate invoice.

What can I do you for?  Please contact William Ray Consulting if you need an SOP not listed or for questions and comments.